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IIBA® Minneapolis / St. Paul Chapter

Study Groups 2014

Announcing the formation of Chapter organized study groups!

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained 4 sites for study groups for the balance of calendar 2014. These sessions are designed as an interactive, participatory group run by business analysts for business analysts. The goal is simply to share and increase one’s knowledge of this industry we all work in.

This effort is organized as a service to our members. That said, there are some parameters surrounding the framework to make it a meaningful and fair experience. As always, we have hosted groups in various parts of the Twin Cities, wherever we can locate an accommodating sponsor. Likewise for our volunteer facilitators, we match up wherever possible. Please note the locations and method to sign up. Different locations and dates may be organized in the future. All groups will be held in the evening on a weeknight.

For now, these are the location opportunities we have to offer:


Start Day



West Metro

Mon, Sept. 8

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Bloomington (494 & 35W)

Tue, Sept. 9

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Mendota Heights (off 494)

Tue, Sept. 9

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

(note end time)



Wed, Sept. 10

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm




Cost of registration depends on your membership. Registration and payment is accepted online only. There is no walk-in registration and/or payment. Registration closes midnight August 15, 2014.

Membership Status


Non IIBA® member


IIBA® member (International organization)


IIBA® member (International organization) plus IIBA®
Mpls / St. Paul Chapter


Pre-Registration and payment is accepted when registering.  Onsite registration and/or payment is not allowed.   

If you are not a member of IIBA® and wish to join and pay the member fee, visit the international site at International Institute of Business Analysis® New Member Registration


Upcoming Study Group Events

Register for the study group at: 



Study Group FAQs


Q. Is the study group a preparation for the CBAP® exam?

A. The study groups are a great way to increase your knowledge of the BABOK® with other BAs guides. It is not intended as a substitute for a professional exam preparation course.


Q. Will there be any different locations organized?

A. While we try for disperse locations, we realize it may not be what you wanted.  In the past we have offered sometimes only one location.  It resulted in groups too large for adequate participation.  Additional locations may be organized in the future.  If you are willing to find a location and facilitate it, please step forward.


Q. I thought these groups were free? Why is there a charge, and a variable charge for that matter?

A. A Lesson Learned from past years was the participants benefited from having a hard copy of the BABOK®. If you are a member, you have a soft copy. Since it is copyrighted material, the only way we can provide you that hard copy is to have the Chapter buy in bulk and re-distribute them via a sale to the participant. We take a risk to guess how many we will need.

As for non-IIBA®Chapter members, we want to make this offering to all BAs, but level the cost field for all. The added charges represent the costs that Chapter IIBA® members have incurred. It is providing fair pricing to all.


Q. Why are the addresses not written above?

A. We  had a problem in the past with people just showing up.  Seating capacity is limited and only pre-registered attendees may attend.  Onsite registration is not available since the Facilitator does not have the ability to accept payment on behalf of the Chapter.  Pre-registration and payment is accepted ONLY via the Chapter website.


Q. Do all groups run on the exact same times?

A. No. All times are in the evening and on a weeknight.  While that may be different in the future, this is what we have to offer for fall 2014.  There is flexibility to the number of evenings and somewhat on the times.  This will be decided by the group.  Some of the facilities have time restrictions that we need to adhere to.


Q. Can a group of BA friends I know get together and do this on our own?

A. Sure. This is only about Chapter sponsored groups.  We wouldn’t think of telling you that can’t get together with your BA friends to study.


Q. What if I sign up and then cannot attend?

A. We will attempt to help you find a replacement, however there are no refunds.  If we help you secure a substitute, you will need to give them your material as well.

Q. Are there any materials beyond the BABOK® we have to use?

A. Absolutely, there is learning material that has been put together by previous groups, and board members.


Q. So, there is a hard copy of the BABOK® and material developed from past groups, anything else?

A. We have some sponsor partners that will give all of us the opportunity to super-size our learning.  There are some offerings from Watermark Learning that involve training materials.  Of course they also have instructor-led classes that are oriented both toward skills and becoming Certified.

Q. May I attend a different site for an evening?

A. No, you are buying a seat at a specific location.

Q. What does the Facilitator do?

A. The facilitator plays a key role in keeping the management and structure going for the group.  They are not an instructor.  In fact, they do not have to be Certified to fill this role.  They are to assure only paid registered persons attend the group; the material is spreads out among group members to present, and they manage the onsite facility per the owner’s requirements.  (Just had to say that!)


Q. Two of us want to pair up to facilitate. Can we each get a free copy of the BABOK®?

A. This is how it will work. Both of you need to pre-register and pay the fee. Each will receive a hard copy of the BABOK®. Upon the conclusion of the final session, we will reimburse you for half the cost.


Q. Well what if 3 of us want to share?

A. Regardless of how many people want to share the Facilitator role, we will not split it more than in half.


Q. What if nobody steps forward to facilitate?

A. You are all adults. You are all BAs. Just like the real world, you are capable of dividing up the work and eliciting discussion. Move forth, discuss and learn.





BABOK® Study Group Facilitator Job Description

The facilitator/moderator will:

  • Facilitate each meeting of the study group for the duration of the session(typically, study groups meet weekly for 2 hours over the course 12 weeks).
  • Be provided with resources for your study group: a sample syllabus and artifacts from past study groups such as practice exam questions, ideas for interactive exercises, power point presentations.
  • Set the schedule for the group and take attendance for each meeting.
  • Suggest opportunities for improvement (OFI).
  • Escalate any issues to the Coordinator of the study groups.
  • Communicate any special needs of any of the participants to the Coordinator.
  • Collect all artifacts produced by the study group such as practice exam questions, documents produced as part of a group exercise, etc.
  • Conduct and document a Lessons Learned session with the group and provide to the VP Professional Development.
  • Ensure that a portion of each group meeting is interactive in order to maintain eligibility for professional development hours.

Requirements: A passion for business analysis and a willingness to lend a hand.

Time Commitment: 1 to 4 hours per week.

One example of a study group process: One approach could be to set up a study group and require that each participant bring something to the table. The facilitator creates a schedule, outlines the section that will be covered and let participants pick the section of their choice. The person responsible for the section would create a presentation, quizzes and bring research materials on the subject(s).

This approach allows the participants to LEARN the subject in detail enough to TEACH it to others.

The coordinator will be the point person for the facilitator. The coordinator makes sure that facilitators are ready for each session, reserves the conference room or conference bridge, and monitors the meeting time.