Speaker Application for PDD 2018

PDD 2018: Develop your A Game
We are excited to announce the call for speakers for the IIBA Minneapolis St. Paul Chapter Professional Development Day, May 3, 2018 at the DoubleTree-Bloomington-Minneapolis South Hotel.

In the fast-changing business world, our organizations need business analysts more than ever. And as practitioners we need to bring our A game!

 This year’s focus is on developing BA skills old and new, for new and experienced practitioners alike. So, if you have an interesting story to tell, why not apply?

Where does your story fit?

A is for Analysis.  
Master the fundamentals. We are looking for presentations that demonstrate core business analysis techniques that work and why they work.

A is for the Ace-Up-Your-Sleeve
Bring a little ‘magic’ to the profession. We are interested in hearing how practitioners have approached tricky situations and how innovative techniques can be used to drive organizational change.

A is for Architecture.
Architect the business for change. We are looking for advice from experts and case studies from businesses using strategies, technologies, and practices to adapt and innovate. For example: business intelligence, data analytics, value stream analysis, customer experience, journey mapping, process improvement, etc.

A is for Agile.
Develop an agile mindset. We are looking for advice from experts and success stories and lessons learned from agile teams.

A is for Advance.
Invest in yourself. We are looking for thought provoking presentations on topics that help business analysts grow, adapt and advance. For example: know yourself, know how to work with others, leverage IIBA knowledge and certifications and demonstrate leadership.

A is for Adopt.
Adopt and evolve your organization for success. We are looking for ideas, stories, strategies that are relevant now and into the future.  For example: what are you doing to hire, retain and advance the skills of business analysts or related positions. What are you doing to define roles and services and collaborate effectively with other disciplines?

Submission Instructions
•   Please fill in all required information and submit no later than March 1, 2018.
•   The purpose of the abstract is not only to guide our selection process but also will be used to help the reader decide whether to attend your presentation and may be used in marketing materials for the conference.
•   We will give preference to submissions that complement our theme and will try to select a balance with respect to subjects.
•   To submit more than one presentation for consideration, you will need to submit multiple applications.
•   We encourage you to submit a presentation PDF if you would like it to be considered during the selection process, but it is not required.
•   Selected speakers must submit presentation PDF no later than April 20, 2018.

Please contact pd@mspiiba.org if you have any questions on the application or process. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018.

Each selected speaker will have a 1 hour time slot.

Presentation Information

  Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  Elicitation and Collaboration
  Requirements Life Cycle Management
  Strategy Analysis
  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  Solution Evaluation
  Underlying Competencies
  Other (ie. Perspective on Agile, BI, IT, Business Architecture or Business Process Management)
  Beginner/Foundation: new to business analysis
  Intermediate: less than five years of business analysis experience
  Advanced: five of more years of business analysis experience

Presenter / Speaker Information

Reimbursement or Remuneration

For PDD speakers from out of state, a block of rooms is available near the event venue and a single night will be provided by the chapter.