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Professional Development Day (PDD)

Save the Date: September 20, 2017



February 9th Meeting

Project Management for the BA:
The Minimum You Need to Know to Thrive!


Want to become a PM/BA hero?  Discover what blend of skills you need to be succfessful!

Whether you and your boss have made a conscious decision to have you manage a project or it has happened organically, you now need to do more than develop workflows, functional design specs, screen mock-ups, or other BA artifacts.  In addition to doing your analysis work, you now need to lead your project.  So what does that mean?

Join us for a professional development evening when we discuss the basics for successfully delivering a project on time, on budget, and with the desired scope.  Discover what artifacts are really needed and which can be "optional".  Learn the keys to working with your sponsor and building a right-sized plan for your project!

Learning objectives in this interactive chapter meeting:
1.  Top 10 most common mistakes a project manager makes
2.  Joe's Truisms - how to overcome the common project mistakes
3.  Project Charters - your savior
4.  Communications - what you need to know and practice
5.  Minimum information needed for planning and why you need them
6.  How to build out your right-sized plan for easy on-going maintenance
7.  Interviewing techniques for gathering project data points
8.  Winning at negotiations - with your team, your sponsor and any external resources. 


Joe Perzel, President of JPerzel & Associates (JPA)

Our speaker for the meeting is Joe Perzel who has over 20 years of speaking experience nationwide.  His expertise includes: Contract, Permanent and Managed Projects with specialization in Web Technologies, Oracle/SAP, BAs/PMs and Network Services.  Joe has renowned expertise in the area of the PM/BA relationship. 

CLICK HERE to register for the February 9th meeting.

Warm Hearts & Hands Drive: As part of the February 9th meeting, we will have a Hats & Mittens Drive.  Please help a local charity fulfill one of the most basic requirements for a Minnesota winter -- warm hats and mittens for kids.  This year, we have a specific request for waterpoof mittens.  Cash donations welcome.  Your help is appreciated!

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Congratulations to all new IIBA MSP Chapter Board Members!

Thanks again to all the members in good standing at both the International and IIBA MSP Chapter level who voted to elect Chapter members to the Board of Director positions up for election at the November, 2016 Chapter meeting!

Newly elected members are excited to begin their terms as Board members.  Along with the current board members, they look forward to bringing you opportunities to Grow, Connect, and Evolve as Business Analysts.

We are pleased to announce your newly elected Chapter Board members and their 2017 IIBA MSP Board positions:

- President Elect: Kim Schilling
- Treasurer: Mark Nervig
- Vice President, Sponsorship: Amos Ridenour
- Vice President, Professional Development: Millicent Kasal
- Vice President, Events: Deb Costanzo
- Vice President, Membership: Molly Ryanmiller
- Secretary: Jennifer Brajdich

On behalf of all the Chapter Board members, we look forward to supporting your IIBA MSP Chapter members in 2017 and beyond!


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