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Save the Date: September 20th, 2017


July 13th Monthly Meeting

Agile Product Ownership and Business Analysis:

Models of collaboration to get viable products!



Angela Wick


Is the Product Owner role your current role or on the horizon for you?  Is Product Owner the next step in your BA career?  Are you a BA working with a Product Owner?

Without effective product ownership and business analysis, teams may just be building the wrong stuff faster.  This session will look at Product Ownership as a function and team and look at various models of what this team can look like.  We will specifically look at where the BA fits into the Product Ownership team and the relationship between Product Owners and BAs.

We will look at the similarities and differences of the BA and Product Owner roles as well as models of how POs and BAs collaborate to keep agile projects on track.  Come to discover and engage on how teams of Product Owners and teams with Business Analysts can successfully fulfill the mission and value of product ownership!


Learning Objectives:

- Explore the similarities and differences between Product Owners and BAs.

- Acquire knowledge about models of product ownership teams, roles, and collaboration drivers.

- Discover how Business Analysts contribute to the product ownership team.


Our speaker, Angela Wick, is a trainer, consultant, agile coach, author, blogger, and speaker focused on helping organizations bring agility and a value mindset to the products they develop.  She is the founder of BA-Squared, LLC, a training and consulting organization focused on modernizing requirments and agile practices, and teaches business analysis, agile product ownership, agile business analysis, and product management.


Buffet: Do you need to come to the meeting directly from work?  The buffet is available starting at 5:30 PM.

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM: Buffet, network with colleagues and sponsors

6:30 PM - 8 PM: Presentation by Angela Wick


CLICK HERE to register for the July 13th meeting.


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